Some Overhyped and Useless Features on Smartphones that have no use in real life

We can’t live without smartphones especially in this era. Did you know that our smartphones, somehow or the other, have some features that are next to useless. Some are just nothing but a marketing gimmick to attract buyers. We think it will be useful when buying a smartphone but we never use them in real life.

Dolby Atmos

Object based audio or Dolby Atmos is practical only when you are watching a movie that supports Dolby Atmos in a Dolby Atmos theatre. But there is no major difference even when you have Dolby Atmos on your smartphone. In most cases, you don’t have Dolby Atmos content. Even if you are using good headphones, it can’t make any big difference like in a theatre. If you want to choose a smartphone with good sound quality, consider dual speakers but not that one.

Hand Gestures

We try these gestures on a brand new smartphone. But later on, we start using our device just manually by touch and swipe. At some point, we realize these gestures are totally useless. I know you have been using some features like double-tap to wake, smart scroll etc. But anything more than that is very annoying and useless. When I am in hurry, I never think of gestures that my smartphone has. I know they are helpful and easy and fast. But do we actually use them?

4K Resolution

Let’s face it; the resolution of full-frame 4K video is 4096×3072 pixels. It is completely unnecessary. It is automatically compressed when you upload your video on social media. Even if you don’t, it takes a lot of storage on your device. For example, a 4K video of 1 minute at 30 fps takes whopping 400MB to 500MB of storage. On the other side, a full HD 1080p video of single minute at same frame rate takes just 130MB. See the difference. So, it is completely useless to overpay just for this feature.